May 16, 2018


Design Thinking at Cisco DevNet

1 min read

Join #DevNet as we share how we approach the drawing board for any new project. #CiscoChat

The Shift from Retail Solutions to Strategic Capabilities

2 min read

Hello, everyone! My name is Ed Jimenez, and I am the new lead for Retail & Hospitality for Cisco’s Business Transformation Team. My job is to help retailers and hoteliers make better use of technologies to deliver customer experiences that align with their brand promise. I worked my way though college as a retail store […]

December 23, 2015


How to Create an Omnichannel Strategy that’s Worth Celebrating

2 min read

This holiday season customers have more ways to shop than ever before. Retailers are making it easier to get the right presents by providing enhanced delivery options – from buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) to curbside pickup. While this freedom is empowering for customers, it creates a new level of complexity for retailers […]

November 11, 2015


Some Solutions Pages

1 min read

I thought I’d point out some new page designs on Cisco.com that should make it easier to find and understand information about solutions from Cisco. First, there’s the new main Solutions page, which is a one-stop starting point: (Note that we’re trying out different versions of this page, so the version you see may differ […]

November 1, 2015


7 Simple Best Practices for Digital A/B Tests

2 min read

You might know that many companies run "tests" in their web and mobile experiences, where they'll pit one design, layout, or content set against another. It's a way to see...

July 31, 2015


Which Business Wireless Product is Right For You?

1 min read

There’s a simple new Wireless Products Selector on Cisco.com that we hope will make it quicker to choose the right wireless product for you. It’s right at the top of our Wireless products page: This leads to a very simple, intuitive tool that guides you to choosing the right wireless access point or wireless LAN controller: Feel free […]

January 5, 2015


A Broad Partner Ecosystem is Pivotal To Delivering the Total Customer Experience

1 min read

Many highly successful companies have a common characteristic- their customer care strategy is supportive of, and in alignment with, their corporate brand strategy, often driving to provide a consistent customer care experience, irrespective of the channel used for customer engagement. Customers’ expectations and demands are growing and changing rapidly. Customers today are different from yesterday. […]