Norway’s longest running IT conference , IT-tinget concluded yesterday in the beautiful town of Tonsberg about an hour south of Oslo.

The event has been running for 31 years now and is organized and run by Cisco’s partner Evry.

This years theme is “#UserIsKing” , and Cisco hosted a special Retail Break out session along with Evry where Customer Experience and Engagement were the main focus.


Some of the takeaways I got from the event and the sessions I attended and the executive meetings I had was the real willingness to innovate here in Norway. Indeed Scandinavian culture and particular Norwegian culture has a strong ‘early adopter’ attitude and this was very evident at this event. How to be at the leading edge of technology, of mobility, of customer engagement, of experience management etc etc were topics that we engaged in depth over the two days.

It is very refreshing to engage with customers and partners who are pulling from an innovative perspective and really wanting to push out all the boundaries and do interesting, new and ‘cool’ things.

The next year I believe will bring much innovative solutions in the Norwegian marketplace, and probably wider Scandinavian marketplace, in particular new customer experience and engagement capabilities that will likely lead the world in adoption.

Cisco CMX was demonstrated to great success and interest at the event and will form a key enabler capability.


Mobile is transforming our lives, how we work, shop, interact with each other, and play and Scandinavia is looking to lead the way – lets see how it develops…

For more on IT-tinget see:  http://www.it-tinget.no/

For more information on Cisco’s CMX solution, visit: www.cisco.com/go/cmx.


Brendan O'Brien

Director Global Product Marketing

Connected Mobile Experiences