Cisco and Splunk: Driving the Next Generation of AI-Enabled Security and Observability

Cisco and Splunk: Driving the Next Generation of AI-Enabled Security and Observability

Cisco announces its intent to acquire Splunk Inc. Together, we will drive the next generation of AI-enabled security and observability.

Smart and Sustainable: The Future of Buildings

Smart and Sustainable: The Future of Buildings

The Cisco Customer Experience guide to Smart & Sustainable Buildings

See the Air You Breathe with Cisco Spaces

See the Air You Breathe with Cisco Spaces

Cisco Spaces is continuously evolving to predict the growing needs of hybrid workplaces and improve the workplace experience. Cisco Spaces gives new meaning to the term "smart buildings" by providing air quality monitoring, occupancy-based energy management and office space optimization.

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September 22, 2023


The future of roadways and intersections. Coffee and Conversations podcast

The need to connect, secure, and optimize our critical roadways and intersections infrastructure is now clearer than ever. Roadways and intersections are being connected to traffic management centers allowing the collection of roadside data for analysis, real-time control, and visibility.

September 21, 2023


The one with a bank, the cloud, and SASE

The increasing adoption of cloud and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a sign of how rapidly the world of networking and security is transforming.

September 20, 2023


Digitalising Europe’s Grids to Power the Energy Revolution

Utilities are investing to connect the energy grid and make it more efficient, automated, and resilient. This blog looks at how the European Action Plan to Digitalise the Energy System addresses the need to use technologies to reach climate objectives.

September 19, 2023


I’m Wendy, It’s Nice to Meet You

Inspired by Cisco Illuminate, Strategy & Planning Manager Wendy S. is taking bold steps to join the Executive Shadow Program and network with other Cisco leaders.

September 18, 2023


Expand Secure Network Analytics with Cisco XDR

This blog post describes how secure network analytics (NDR) and Cisco XDR (Extended detection and response) work together for enhanced detection faster response

September 15, 2023


Cisco and F5 Innovations Power Enhanced Application Performance in a Hybrid and Multi-cloud World

See how F5 and Cisco are empowering network and application teams to ensure applications are available and performing successfully in the new hybrid multi-cloud reality.

September 15, 2023


Working Together to Bridge Equity in Talent Sourcing

Cisco provides a platform that bridges the gap between candidates and employers, in doing so we support a more inclusive experience for those seeking employment through the Talent Bridge program.