The Critical Intersection of AI and Security: A Partnership Imperative

The Critical Intersection of AI and Security: A Partnership Imperative

AI without security poses significant risks, including data compromise and manipulation. Cisco encourages partners to prioritize security by design, transparency, and continuous monitoring to ensure AI's safe and effective integration into our lives.

The AI Revolution and Critical Infrastructure

The AI Revolution and Critical Infrastructure

AI is changing the way we engage data in industrial operations, and choosing the right model for your desired result is critically important.

Cisco API Documentations Is Now Adapted for Gen AI Technologies

Cisco API Documentations Is Now Adapted for Gen AI Technologies

GenAI users need valid data for their prompts or Vector Databases. See how model output can be more accurate when OpenAPI documents are used as a part of a prompt.

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How to Optimize Remote Work

5 min read

Choosing the right remote work systems for your SMB is easy. We have a large list of customizable solutions that can keep your teams connected and secure. 

July 10, 2024


Cisco Black Belt Academy Unveils Enhanced Support Tracks

2 min read

The refreshed Support Track content for FY24 is designed to provide Cisco partners with a structured, comprehensive learning path that addresses both foundational and advanced support needs.

July 10, 2024


The Trifecta Effect of Integrating XDR, SIEM, and SOAR

7 min read

Stay ahead of sophisticated cybersecurity threats with the trifecta effect of integrating XDR, SIEM, and SOAR. Learn how integrating these technologies can enhance your organization's security.

July 9, 2024


Around the World with Cisco: From Student to Intern to CX Consulting Engineer

3 min read

Beate's Cisco journey began with an internship in Australia, introducing her to a world of career opportunities, and a consulting engineer role in her home of Norway.

July 8, 2024


Revolutionizing Surveillance: Cameras with AI-Powered Object Detection

2 min read

What if your cameras could not only record but also understand and interpret what they see? See how your Cisco Meraki MV cameras can be transformed into powerful, intelligent surveillance tools by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning,

Take Your ST 2110 Workflow to the Next Level

1 min read

Don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your understanding of PTP and its crucial role in SMPTE ST 2110 systems. Whether you're looking to refine your technical skills or stay ahead of industry trends, our webinar promises to be a valuable resource.

June 28, 2024


Stopping Supply Chain Attacks with Cisco’s User Protection Suite

3 min read

Learn about how Cisco’s User Protection Suite can stop supply chain attacks and protect users.

June 27, 2024


An Artificially Intelligent Peer Reviewer Arrives

6 min read

How should network engineers be thinking about and using AI right now, and what to could they expect for the future? Here, we focus on one surprising use case that I found to be a bit exciting: Using AI to peer review your work. Buckle up, and let's check it out.

June 27, 2024


Smart Infrastructure Gets Lit Up!

3 min read

In the era of 5G, cellular providers are expanding their radio networks to provide better performance in densely populated areas. Municipalities and utilities are making their structures “smart” by incorporating 5G/LTE radios and fiber for connectivity. This has opened up a new world of possibilities.