Our Shared Responsibility: Africa's Cybersecurity Imperative

Our Shared Responsibility: Africa's Cybersecurity Imperative

We have a shared responsibility to embed cybersecurity at the core of our digital strategies, and we look forward to the opportunity to enhance cyber resilience in Africa—a continent on the brink of a remarkable digital transformation.

A More Sustainable Future for Africa: Cisco’s Role in Bridging the Digital Divide

A More Sustainable Future for Africa: Cisco’s Role in Bridging the Digital Divide

Explore Cisco's efforts in Africa to promote digital equality, tech access, and gender equity. Then, join the learning community.

Partnering for Purpose: Driving Literacy Through Collaboration

Partnering for Purpose: Driving Literacy Through Collaboration

Join Cisco's mission to empower young readers by registering for the Chapter One online reading volunteer program. Your commitment can spark a lifetime love for reading in a child's life

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July 25, 2024


E-rate Program Expanded, Plus Cisco Knowledge Hub Updates

1 min read

On July 18th, the FCC expanded the E-rate program to better serve schools and libraries. Learn how this impacts your E-rate journey today.

How technology is being used to help support environmental conservation

5 min read

This World Nature Conservation Day, we invite you to learn more about the impactful work that some of our nonprofit partners are doing in this area.

Cisco and social justice: A commitment with deep roots and a bold future

1 min read

Q&A with Cisco’s own Scott McGregor on the ongoing impact of Cisco’s Social Justice beliefs and actions and what comes next.

How a smart connected container shows how to find yourself in the future of shipping

4 min read

Container 42, the smartest shipping container in the world, is a key example of how revolutionary smart technology is for the future! But what role does data, AI and cybersecurity play in this new digital landscape? Read this blog from our Cisco tech expert speaking at our upcoming event on August 1.

July 23, 2024


Striking a Chord Between My Passions and Career at Cisco

2 min read

Karthik R. overcame imposter syndrome to secure a consulting engineer internship, leading to a full-time position, where he rediscovered his passion for music.

July 23, 2024


User Protection Suite Secures Against Talos Top Ransomware Attack Trends

3 min read

Discover Talo’s first episode of Talos Threat Perspective and how Cisco’s User Protection Suite can provide a layered approach to security.

July 22, 2024


Cisco Decipher: Enhancing US Public Sector Cybersecurity Knowledge

3 min read

Cisco Decipher is the new knowledge hub helping US Public Sector teams gain insight, expert analysis, and interactive content to face growing cyber threats. Check it out.

July 19, 2024


Communications Compliance is Taking Center Stage in the Boardroom

3 min read

Cisco Webex in collaboration with a partner provides a compliance and security solution tailored for digital communications within the Webex Suite, serving major organizations like top North American banks.