December 5, 2023


Data Power: What the EU Data Act Means for You

4 min read

This blog analyses the 2023 EU Data Act, focusing on access, sharing, and use of data, as well as cloud switching, and what it means for a company like Cisco and our customers.

August 1, 2023


Cisco AppDynamics completes Australia’s IRAP assessment 

2 min read

Cisco AppDynamics has completed the Australian Government’s Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment at a “PROTECTED” level.

January 24, 2023


Finding Purpose Through My Cisco Journey

2 min read

Suzi's Cisco and cancer journeys coincided, and through them both, she gained a sense of purpose. Here she shares her journey from red badge to remission.

November 30, 2022


Customer Journeys to the Cloud with Cisco and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

4 min read

As a leading provider of hybrid cloud solutions, Cisco can provide customers with effective cloud transformation assistance. This blog explains how Cisco software solutions on AWS can assist customers at every stage of cloud transformation.

October 31, 2022


Finally – IPsec On A Catalyst Switch

2 min read

The new Cisco Catalyst 9000X with IPsec support is finally a reality. I will quickly cover three use cases that are relevant to branch deployments. 

July 26, 2022


ThousandEyes Looking at EchoLink

5 min read

While the best application of ThousandEyes might be to spot performance problems with cloud services, have some fun reading about how a ham (Amateur Radio operator) is using it.

Perspectives on the Future of Service Provider Networking: Distributed Data Centers and Edge Services

6 min read

The future SP network should include a highly distributed DC and interconnect architecture in order to deliver optimized network performance and, thereby, superior digital experiences for customers.

May 11, 2022


Migrate to the Cloud with Cisco and Wipro

3 min read

As companies migrate to the cloud, many realize they have gaps in the end-to-end expertise required to deliver the outcomes they need from their cloud-based deployments.

April 12, 2022


Cisco SD-WAN Innovations: Keeping today’s distributed businesses running 

2 min read

Cisco SD-WAN continues to deliver value with its innovations. The latest release offers new security, analytics and monitoring, and Cloud OnRamp capabilities to support and streamline the changing workplace dynamics and evolving customer needs.