Design Thinking at Cisco DevNet

May 16, 2018 - 14 Comments

Cisco technology can help individuals and organizations around the world build pretty much anything they imagine. But before you build it, you should ask the right questions to make sure you are making the most of your resources and your ideas.  It’s important to always keep the user in mind.  You are not the user. Design for the person who will actually put your creation into action.

This is where Design Thinking comes in.

Always keep the end user in mind

Join #TeamDevNet as we share how we approach the drawing board before we begin any new project. We will provide an introduction to the discipline of Design Thinking, as well as share specific examples of how we have transformed our organization and collaborated to help our Partners succeed.

#CiscoChat Live
Thursday, May 24 at 10:00 a.m. California time 
Watch the livestream on and post your questions on the Cisco and DevNet Facebook and YouTube channels.

#CiscoChat Twitter
Wednesday, May 30 at 10:00 a.m. California time
Bring your questions and share your ideas on Twitter with the Cisco Developer Community @CiscoDevNet.

I’ll be moderating the conversation @silviakspiva, with special guests Edwin Zhang @Edwin_zh and Shubha Govil @Shubhagovil.

This is your opportunity to engage directly with Cisco DevNet Community and Design experts. Come make the most of it!

What do you want to design and build with DevNet?

Add a comment, so we can be ready to help you when you arrive in the DevNet Zone.

Meet Cisco Design Thinking experts


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  1. I would love to know how to take a CLI command (both show and config) and get the equivalent NETCONF XML.

  2. Design Thinking plays a critical role to Innovate. Engineering teams must use it as a practice for digital transformation!!

  3. Design Thinking is becoming important for Cisco Organization and Partners. There is need to change the mindset and provide the right tools to them.

    • I always appreciate your insights into what our Partners are interested in. Happy to welcome you at Cisco HQ to explore this subject!

  4. Look forward to meeting all Design Thinkers at Cisco Live DevNet Zone, and hearing all your stories!

    • We are getting questions from around the world already. I'm glad we'll have the opportunity to connect with so many eager Community members in Orlando, during Cisco Live, US!

  5. Looking forward to the design thinking #CiscoChat live event next week! Make sure you join us, ask your questions and see how network engineers and administrators can start taking advantage of design thinking methodologies.

  6. Design Thinking is a great alternative to traditional problem-centric methodology. This is especially important in the tech industry since many times an Outside-Of-The-Box solution is needed!

    • You are exactly right! Focusing on problems isn't the best way to come up with something truly new.

      Personally, I prefer to reward good behavior. Rather than listening to the squeaky wheels, I follow positivity and optimism. Design Thinking has always reminded me: "You are not the user!"The focus should be on the end-user.

  7. Great tool, looks first at users of the solution, develop empathy for solution users. Instead of directly jumping into solving the problem right away.

    • Empathy: such a powerful word.
      Even more powerful when it moves from sentiment to action.

  8. Looking forward to meeting the Design Thinking Team!
    It seems simple, but we often forget to put the customer first when starting new projects!

    • If you're not building it for the Customer, then who are you building it for? Question everything.