Internet of Things (IoT)

February 28, 2024


Showcasing Powerful Private 5G Use Cases at Cisco Live EMEA!

3 min read

Spanning two halls at RAI Amsterdam, or roughly 26,000 square meters, the seamless integration of a Cisco Private 5G network, in partnership with NTT, pushed the boundaries of traditional connectivity, and creating a smart venue, a first for Cisco Live!

November 15, 2023


Sunshine, Miami Vice, and an amazing amount of interest in IoT

2 min read

I always come away from the annual Cisco Partner Summit event energized and excited from the news and announcements that move our Industrial IOT business forward for our partners. Let’s recap a set of announcements that are designed to help our partners drive a profitable and exciting IOT practice.

October 23, 2023


Labels for Consumer IoT Devices? Cisco’s View

2 min read

Cisco actively works with the FCC and other government agencies, industry, and consumers to discuss cybersecurity labeling for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and to build trust in the network we all rely on to live, work, and play in today’s interconnected world.

June 27, 2023


The Future of Airports, Coffee and Conversations podcast

1 min read

Airport operators are continuing their post-pandemic digital transformation journey by improving operations and driving towards sustainability targets, all while enhancing the travel experience for passengers. In this episode of the Coffee and Conversations podcast, the Cisco transportation team discusses what is taking place in airports across the globe and what innovations and technology are shaping their future.

April 10, 2023


Something New: AP Discovery Methods for 6GHz Wi-Fi – Part 2

5 min read

In part 1 we explored some of the changes that were part of the 802.11ax standard. In part 2 we look at discovery techniques unique to the latest 802.11ax extension known as Wi-Fi 6E.

March 13, 2023


Cisco SD-WAN: The Right Tool for Keeping Fleets Moving

4 min read

Extend your enterprise network management into your fleet vehicles with reliability, security, and availability on Cisco SD-WAN.