November 17, 2015


Designing a New Home Page: How Hard Could This Be?

10 min read

There’s a myth that home pages no longer matter. Here’s the thinking: Most companies and organizations find their digital traffic is now fragmented by their mobile apps, their social presence, and, of course, among hundreds of lower level “side door” pages that visitors find easily via search engines. Why bother with the home page when people are interacting digitally via all […]

July 31, 2015


Which Business Wireless Product is Right For You?

1 min read

There’s a simple new Wireless Products Selector on that we hope will make it quicker to choose the right wireless product for you. It’s right at the top of our Wireless products page: This leads to a very simple, intuitive tool that guides you to choosing the right wireless access point or wireless LAN controller: Feel free […]

Some tuning on search

1 min read

We’ve done some fine-tuning on the search on It should feel faster, especially after the first search you do Results should be even more relevant Popular features like the “information box” for key queries remain intact Let us know how it’s working for you!  

June 17, 2015

DIGITAL AND SOCIAL Did you notice?

1 min read

If you’re an astute visitor to, you’ll notice a couple of our prominent pages have gotten some nice functional updates. . First, the all new Support & Downloads page, which went just through some tweaks, streamlining, and a mobile-friendly update: Some new functions on the new Support & Downloads page: Quicker searches for downloads […]

Yes, a New Home Page

3 min read

We’ve updated the design of the home page. Not just because we wanted to, but for you. Here’s a point by point overview, starting with the desktop/laptop version: Same top of page navigation. We’ve keep the same top of page categories, and “mega menu” navigation, as these work very well today. (Yes, we’ll continue […]

Focusing on customers’ top digital journeys

1 min read

I've often written about how we optimize to our Customers' and Partners' top journeys across our web sites and mobile apps. We've found that focusing relentlessly on the top things that...

February 3, 2015


Giving attention, not getting attention

1 min read

This recent post in the Harvard Business Review, Your Digital Strategy Shouldn’t Be About Attention, is a good reminder that the best digital experiences come from listening to your visitors and then anticipating what they want. We’re tried to follow that philosophy on and in our mobile apps, through observing by listening, invisible change,  […]

November 25, 2014


“Invisible change” in your favorite web sites

1 min read

My colleague Bill Skeet published an interesting blog a few weeks ago about “Invisible Change” — the improvement and innovation that happens quietly in digital experiences such as web sites and mobile apps. You may have noticed — or not noticed — this phenomenon on web sites you visit frequently. For instance, you may have […]

July 4, 2014


You Can Observe A Lot By Watching.

2 min read

Recently at CiscoLive!, we spent a full week with customers and partners doing in-detail usability tests of and some of our mobile sites and apps. This is one of the main methods we use to make our web and mobile easier. What’s a usability test? Something different than you might think. While you’ve probably heard […]