Gioia Ferretti

Partner Stories and Communications

Global Partner Marketing

Gioia Ferretti leads partner stories and communications for Cisco's Global Partner Marketing Team.

Her team strives to accelerate partners marketing practices, so that they can grow their Cisco business and be fully invested in the digital era. Gioia has a passion for storytelling and purpose-driven marketing to help partners on their individual journeys of profitable growth.


May 10, 2018


Taking a Longer View

Everyone has to adjust for changes in IT. Customers must see IT as a strategic tool, and the companies that help them, like Long View Systems, have to make sure they're looking ahead.

May 3, 2018


Make Your Marketing Matter

For better or worse, we all have our faces in front of a screen (you’re probably reading this on a screen now). So if we want to catch people’s attention,...

April 26, 2018


Making Every Drop Count for the Great Barrier Reef

Australia has a country-wide goal to get smarter about their water usage and save the Great Barrier Reef. Learn about one of the teams who's working to make it happen.

April 13, 2018


Cream Rises to the Top

For Noosa, increased sales meant expanded facilities, which meant the need for a stronger network. See how Cisco Partner Panduit helped keep them on track.

April 5, 2018


Spinning Up a Lifecycle Practice

GDT always helped their customers with all things IT, but they're constantly looking for ways to do more. Learn why mastering a customer success practice was the next big step:

March 29, 2018


Cloud Control at Your Control

Two re-insurance firms joined forces to create a global giant. Once they closed the deal, they needed Cisco partner Engage to help merge their IT systems.

March 22, 2018


To Stay Relevant, Look at Lifecycle

Cisco Premier partner R1i Services wanted to keep moving forward and keep up with their customers. So, they were looking for new ways to stay relevant.

March 15, 2018


More Reliable Manufacturing? We’ll Drink to That.

Jack Daniels is known for distilling their expertise and attention to detail into every bottle of whiskey. But it looked like they needed a little more modernity in the distillery. See their story from Cisco partner Rockwell Automation:

March 8, 2018


Keeping Pace on the Customer Lifecycle

Customer needs change quickly and Dimension Data is addressing it through Lifecycle Advantage.