The University of Western Australia is ranked in the top 1% of academic institutions in the world. To keep moving up, they have to keep moving ahead. Especially when it comes to tech. The university’s IT department wanted to set up a private cloud so they could better serve students and academics, and keep research data safe. And they wanted Cisco partner Pure Storage to take a stab at the job.

There was only one catch. They wanted the proposal in two weeks. Pure Storage says…

"We told them no problem. Our first step was to bring in trusted Cisco Ecosystem Partners. We knew we'd have to rely on a team effort to get the university what it needed with so little time to prepare.

Here at Pure Storage we had the data platform. We knew Commvault had the know-how and experience to make forklift upgrades ancient history. And Scality’s RING software provided a fundamentally different way to manage and store data that was perfect for the University.

Working together with the Cisco Partner Ecosystem, we nailed the deal. The University got exactly what it wanted from a solution built around 66 UCS B200M5 blades. For a start, the University will save money on service providers. And it can balance virtual and physical workload while using more secure long-term storage for around 6 petabytes of research data.

The best part? The deal also sets us up for a possible long-term relationship with the University. We’ll be there to keep the cloud flying and looking for ways to help with new solutions to help keep the University at the top. Whether it’s expanding to a multicloud experience with our Cloud Center, or boosting the network’s efficiency and consistency with Software Defined Access, our tech can help make the University’s tech better.

The story doesn’t stop there…

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Gioia Ferretti

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