Imagine being responsible for 675 trillion euros worth of security transactions every single year. And on top of that, making sure that all involved accounts are secure and up to date. That’s the everyday job of a financial services customer of the UK-based Cisco partner, Metsi.

Around the world, thousands of institutions rely on this clearinghouse for their transfers. That’s because this industry giant handles the hard stuff behind transactions, like stock purchases and sales and other security settlements. And clients expect them to be fast and precise.

But that’s difficult to do when a lack of automation and disconnected backend systems are slowing things down. With so many vendors and systems at work, the financial services customer was in need of a way to optimize efficiency across the board.

Metsi says…

They brought in our team at Metsi for a four-month pilot. As a Cisco Integrator, we were ready to show them what we could do. We brought in the Cisco Process Orchestrator and open software APIs. That way, they could work within a single orchestration layer. And on the user end, the financial customer was then able to offer a new self-service enterprise portal for easy account access for their clients.

With faster integration, quicker network processes and cut IT costs, we were an easy choice for the financial powerhouse.  After our pilot, they were ready to adopt and expand on our solutions—including ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite for the added security of a private cloud.

The story doesn’t stop there…

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Gioia Ferretti

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