After 15 years in the Italian market, Rajapack Italia – a subsidiary of the European packaging giant Raja Group – kept bringing in the customers. They were growing at more than 20% per year and revenue was strong. But behind the success, there was a problem. The company was having trouble communicating with customers.

Rajapack mainly uses a telephone system to manage sales and shipping enquiries with a customer service team composed of 30 operators. However, their system was affected by frequent service disruptions, sometimes leaving the phones down for half a day. That meant Rajapack was missing as many as 100 customers calls. Not surprisingly, customers weren’t too happy when their calls fell on deaf ears. Rajapack needed a quick fix to keep them coming back. Thankfully, Imagicle was there to help.

Imagicle says…

Rajapack’s first step was to talk to long-time Cisco system integrator Maticmind, who brought them to us. Our unified communication apps operating on top of the Cisco Business Edition 6000 did everything they needed and more. And because we’re both Cisco partners, Rajapack knew the solution would work right out of the box. Not only did it provide bullet-proof performance, but it also set them up to keep the customers coming.

With the new system, advanced-queueing, auto-attendant, directory, and caller ID all came standard—but Rajapack also got peace of mind. That’s because our solution, combined with Cisco products, has never-fail backups. Which means no more missed calls. Plus, customer wait times have dropped by half, which means no more frustrated customers.

On top of that, Rajapack gets all the advantages of a digital system. Like routing calls the right way the first time, and the ability to track and monitor their phone system in real time. Data is also helping them get a better picture of how their call-center operators are dealing with customers.

Now, everyone at Rajapack Italia is more productive. Work happens quicker. And customers are happier. It’s a solution we think has put them in the box seat.

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Gioia Ferretti

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