Valley Proteins doesn’t like to waste anything. They’re world leaders in recycling, keeping millions of gallons of cooking oils and food by-products out of landfills every year. They use what other people throw away to make valuable biodiesels and animal feed, among other things. But to do their job right, they rely on quick processes and efficient collection to avoid ruining raw materials.

That means real-time tracking of inventory and vehicle location is crucial. But with one of the country’s largest fleets of trucks, it’s a serious challenge. Add 40 processing and transfer facilities to the mix, along with a steady stream of acquisitions, and Valley Proteins’ data storage capacity was getting overloaded.

Cisco and Pure Storage have collaborated to deliver a powerful converged infrastructure, FlashStack, which uses best-of-class storage, systems management, server, and network components in a single solution. The system slotted seamlessly into existing Cisco UCS servers and VMware software. And migration took just one in-house engineer less than three days to complete.

Pure Storage says…

For Valley Proteins, it was a simple and easy solution. Now, storage maintenance and optimization doesn’t drain IT talent, time, and money. Instead, FlashStack makes things run smoothly, and making it easy to fold in newly purchased companies while delivering better performance and less stress for the financial team.

Now Valley Proteins gets to focus on finding value in what other people see as waste instead of wasting time and money on creaky IT.

The story doesn’t stop there…

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