When two re-insurance firms joined forces, they created a global giant, with headquarters on both sides of the Atlantic. But once they closed the deal, the real work began. They needed to bring two companies together—not just in name—but in everyday practices. And high on the list to make that happen was merging their IT systems.

Engage says…

The new company wanted a system that was future proof. That meant flexible, hybrid IT and the ability to move any part of their operations to any cloud provider they chose.

After putting out a call to vendors and vetting their options, the customer thought they had a handle on the best solution. They got to work laying the foundations. But everything changed when Cisco bought CloudCenter and got to know Engage ESM, who’d worked with the system for years.

Engage ESM knew CloudCenter could bring the re-insurance firm everything they needed. It could roll out and manage applications across a mix of data centers and public or private clouds. And keep clients from getting locked in to a single cloud vendor.

“CloudCenter has completely disrupted how companies manage their cloud apps,” says Andy Fleck, Head of Cloud Management for Engage ESM.

Engage ESM and Cisco put together a new proposal that had the customer interested. But, they needed extensive proof of performance information to ensure outcomes would be met. So, Engage ESM stepped up with a three-month trial, funded through Cisco’s Integrator Program. They were able to demonstrate how to develop application profiles and roll them out to public and private clouds.

The re-insurance firm was so impressed, they changed course entirely. They went all in with the Cisco & Engage ESM solution using everything from CiscoFlexPod to Cisco ACI for network customization. And Engage ESM helped to land a five-year enterprise license agreement for everything on the list, making it the largest CloudCenter agreement to date.

Now that they’ve got their IT under control, the customer can get down to business.

The story doesn’t stop there…

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