Noosa prides themselves on making ‘not just any yoghurt’. They stand out in the dairy aisle by bringing the highest quality ingredients and recipes to the shelves. But Noosa knew that to produce the best product, they needed the best processes and the best equipment. So in 2015, they invested five million in a plant upgrade. It paid off. Sales spiked, and so did the size of the company’s operations.

Panduit says…

But Noosa found that their ever-expanding facilities were running into problems. Network issues were getting harder to troubleshoot, and any unscheduled downtime was costing them time and money. Noosa wanted to cut out this risk, so they could keep making the best quality yoghurt in larger quantities. So they asked Rockwell Automation, Malisko Engineering and Panduit Advisory Services for some advice. And as Noosa fans ourselves, we were happy to help.

Our team at Panduit worked together with Malisko to design and configure a completely new physical layer of Noosa’s network, run on Cisco tech. We recommended they set up Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE)to get all their systems and processes talking to each other. With this system, they’d have a spare fiber backbone to support them as they grow and a Micro Data Center (MDC) that’s designed to work through hiccups as it runs the plant’s automation system. And to keep up Noosa’s excellent hygiene, we even used special hardware enclosures that would stand up to deep cleaning.

With a new, stronger network, Noosa is more resilient and ready to keep growing. So they can concentrate on what they do best – making delicious yoghurts – and stay at the top of shopping lists around the world.

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