Most financial institutions today have quite a few branches, spread out across different counties, regions, and even states. Which means different teams in different places—often using different technology. And while each branch has some independence, one of WWT’s banking customers wanted their employees to work together—without having to call IT each time they tried to.

WWT says…

To do that, they needed to rethink their tech approach from start to finish. And they needed solutions that could help their employees collaborate and problem-solve in real time, minus the tech glitches and compatibility failures. They turned to our team at WWT to make it happen.

We’re a Cisco partner and pros at integration and collaboration. We didn’t just want to get our financial customer working with updated software and solutions, we wanted to rethink their entire maturation with technology—with tools that integrate and centralize solutions to simplify teamwork across every branch. We brought in Cisco collaboration technology so that their employees could connect easily, working as one team.

We recognized that new technology often presents challenges. So, we came up with a better way to train the team: a single app where employees can access on-demand training and support, as well as tips for how to use the new collaboration tools.

Today, this financial customer has seen a boost in both adoption and confidence, as employees are already using these tools to make cross-branch collaboration possible. And with easier-to-use tech, IT has a little more breathing room to focus on innovation. And maybe a lunch break too.

The story doesn’t stop there…

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Gioia Ferretti

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