Many of us feel constantly connected through our cell phones, but a missed call or text isn’t the end of the world. Except for lawyers, every phone call matters. A major California firm was going through some issues with their phones. Their provider’s solution couldn’t keep up with their workload. And they knew dropped calls could mean dropped clients.

Presidio says…

The law firm was on the lookout for a new partner to keep them connected. At first, they just wanted their phones to work properly. But at Presidio, we knew we could go beyond simple phone fixes, and help them get the tools for complete connection and collaboration.

We pitched a solution built with an on-premise Cisco Collaboration Suite. With features like Cisco Spark video conferencing and interactive boards, the firm could share information quickly and effectively. And with Spark Flex licensing, we’d set them up with a stable infrastructure so they could securely connect across offices.

We also offered our client these services with Cisco Capital Finance. So they could get the tools they needed right away, without breaking the bank by paying for the technology all at once.

It turned out to be a winning combination. With Cisco’s leading technology, Presidio’s top-notch professional services, and the cost-effectiveness of Cisco Capital Finance we stepped ahead of the competition. And now we’re helping the firm step ahead, too.

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