Jack Daniels is synonymous with Tennessee whiskey. They’re known for distilling their expertise and attention to detail into every bottle. They get there by mixing tried-and-true tradition with modern precision, using networks and controls across six production lines to move their aged whiskey from barrel to pallet.

Rockwell Automation says…

But it looked like they needed a little more modernity in the distillery. Tech problems were messing with their process. Once, a control panel glitch caused a 12-hour shutdown. And Jack Daniels wasn’t going to let tech issues get in the way of their whiskey. So working with us at Rockwell, we brought in a Tennessee neighbor, Premier System Integrators. Premier is a solution partner of Rockwell Automation and certified by the Control System Integrators Association. When they set off to the legendary Lynchburg distiller, they knew they could make Jack’s process as smooth as their whiskey.

First up, we recommended they bring in a new network powered by Cisco tech. We designed a system that would use Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) to join up all the right parts of the business and get Jack Daniels on the road to being a truly connected enterprise. The new system brought in wireless internet for iPads on the floor, smart controls for the motors in the process, and fast switches at each point in the manufacturing process for speed and more useful information at every step.

Now Jack Daniels can troubleshoot faster, power through hardware fails, and cut out production delays. And their manufacturing controls come with the same consistency and quality as their whiskey.

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