IT is changing. It’s not just about making sure everybody’s computer works anymore. Now, companies have to use IT as a strategic tool to boost revenue and cut costs, which means IT managers now need a seat at the budget table. And that means the businesses that help companies with IT have to make sure they’re looking ahead too.

Long View Systems of Canada has made the change look easy. Long View had been guiding companies on IT solutions since 1999. Whether it was organizing data on the cloud, or organizing desk-side IT support, Long View had the know-how. But once they had a customer, they didn’t always have a good way of knowing when to talk to them again.

“We had some informal processes, but it was very manual and challenging to keep up with customers” says Rick Madsen, Cisco Business Development, Team Lead Cisco Procurement/Licensing at Long View Systems. “Some accounts weren’t called until renewal time and that just wasn’t good enough.”

Long View found the answer with a familiar IT partner: Cisco. Long View had been a Cisco Gold Star partner since 2007, and when Cisco asked them to test Lifecycle Advantage they agreed. Cisco built Lifecycle Advantage to make it simple to stay in touch with customers. And because you get customers the right information at the right time, it helps people get more out of the software packages they have, and makes renewing software easier.

Lifecycle Advantage worked so well for Long View, they quickly folded it into their day-to-day business. “This program has really helped us give that white glove treatment and automated digital treatment to the majority of our customers,” said Madsen.

Lifecycle Advantage also helped Long View get to know more about their customers’ needs. Which they’ve used to expand sales conversations and set the stage for future opportunities.

Now, more than ever, the company is changing with the times, and living up to its name.

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Gioia Ferretti

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