The vintage look may be back in style when it comes to fashion and décor, but not when it comes to the new digital era. Dreamland, a vintage theme park at Margate, wanted to maintain their history, while embracing the digital era to connect with customers on a new level.

Our partner Local Measure stepped in to help.

This beloved theme park in the U.K. needed to reinvent itself. As part of a £25 million renovation, they wanted to bring their 150-year-old theme park into the digital age. They wanted to engage with visitors on the spot. Connect with customers beyond the park. And keep them coming back for more.

Local Measure says…

Local Measure was glad to help bring their dreams to life. Its solution lets Dreamland see real-time updates from visitors, from anywhere in the park. When visitors arrive, they can log in with a social account to get free Wi-Fi powered by Cisco Meraki. Then they show up on Local Measure. That’s when the magic starts.

Local Measure picks up the feedback visitors post on social media, from kudos to complaints. It sends the feedback to park staff through Cisco Spark. If visitors celebrate a birthday or comment on a ride, staff hear about it on the spot. So they can do something about it, like reach out on social media. Or even in person, if need be.

Now, Dreamland gets a wealth of data about who their customers are and what they like to do best at the park. They can also interact with visitors in a personal way. And they have a detailed list of guests they can invite back.

That’s a digital dream come true.

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