Concerts, festivals, sports. It’s all about the connecting with the music, the game –  watching the same thing at the same time. So naturally, fans want to join the connection and share, post, and tweet. But if 25,000 other people are doing the same thing on a shaky network, all you’re going to get is a drained phone battery because you’ll be trying to connect in vain.





Entisys360 says…

That was Live Nation’s problem. They operate thousands of events every year all around the world. Live Nation wanted to let customers enjoy and share the event, not stare at their phones in frustration. And the demand for a better digital connection at venues was getting louder, fast.

So they asked us for a solution that would keep fans connected and engaged, to bring Wi-Fi to large spaces, and create options that keep fans in front of the event, not in line for the bathroom or snacks.

We helped Live Nation make sure their customers got some satisfaction. But we couldn’t have done it without Cisco access points and network hardware, our behind-the-scenes stars. Now, fans can do more than share selfies. They can order food from their seat. Or even upgrade their seat, all from their smartphone.

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