Only a few years ago, you’d sell a solution to a customer, wait 3-5 years, then come back and resell it. But these days, everything’s moving too quickly for “set it and forget it” sales. Customer needs change quickly. And so do the technologies they’re using.

Dimension Data says…

That’s why we’re changing our selling motions at Dimension Data, too. We no longer sell solutions and step back. Instead, we’re stepping up and staying in touch with customers on every step of their journey.

We’re making it happen through Lifecycle Advantage. It’s a digital platform for partners that makes it easy to keep up with our customers. And connect with them right when they need us. Here’s how it works.

First, the platform automatically pulls data about our customers. So we see exactly how they’re using our solution (or how they’re not). Then, we can send them tips for using a feature, a heads up about a new solution they might be interested in, or a nudge when it’s time to renew.

We’re thrilled with the results so far. Already, we’re enjoying longer, deeper relationships with our customers. They’re happier with their Cisco products and quicker to try new ones. All of which has led to millions more in revenue for us in 2017 alone. So now we don’t just sell solutions, we solve problems at every step of the customers lifecycle.

The story doesn’t stop there…

Or check out this on-demand webinar to learn how Dimension Data implemented a customer-first culture.



Gioia Ferretti

Partner Stories and Communications

Global Partner Marketing