In Phuket, Thailand stray animals are all too common. That’s why the Soi Dog Foundation set up shop. The non-profit’s mission is to make sure fewer cats and dogs will suffer on the streets. And since 2003, they’ve neutered 170,000 animals and cared for countless more. But while Soi Dog was ready to help more and more animals, their tech wasn’t keeping up.

Dimension Data says…

After years of using patched together home office equipment, Soi Dog’s IT system was unreliable and overworked, and it was holding them back from helping more dogs. “It was time to look at our IT needs,” said John Higgs, the foundation’s CEO. With this in mind Soi Dog set out to find a new stable IT environment. They knew they needed a solid server and cloud system, and as a charity they’d have to find a partner to help them get their IT system up to standard.

The animal lovers at Dimension Data and Cisco were ready to volunteer. Cisco chipped in with $115,000 worth of Meraki hardware ranging from routers to security cameras – all of which could be operated from a single web-based dashboard. And our team at Dimension Data gathered a group of 40 engineers to rip, replace and set up the new equipment.  Cisco Meraki products gave Soi Dog the robust networking infrastructure they needed. Its simplicity and ease of use were a perfect match because it meant Soi Dog could concentrate on their mission and not nursing their network.

A reliable network connection ensures data integrity and an accurate record of the medical treatments Soi Dog provides. Vets can upload important data on animals’ treatment plans from any mobile device and anywhere on the property.

Now Soi Dog’s vets can access animal records with ease, accept donations, run a global adoption program, upload patient data directly to the cloud and reliably access drug information from the web. They can even get remote consults from vets in other countries or cities for tricky cases. Vitally, the Soi Dog IT staff can manage everything on the go from any mobile device and anywhere on the property. We like to think that’s teaching a dog some new tricks.

Thanks Dimension Data for helping Soi Dog achieve their mission!

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