SIGNA was busting at the seams after nearly 20 years of non-stop growth. The company wears two major hats– a real estate empire and a major retail group– with dozens of employees and projects spanning all across Europe. With accelerated growth came the need for accelerated communication. That’s when they brought in Frink.

Frink says…

SIGNA knew they needed a more efficient way to communicate across teams and locations. But, they also knew that collaboration technology need not be a one size fit all. Cisco Spark would alleviate those worries by letting people work in a way that fit their style—whether that’s better messaging, online meeting rooms or intelligent, on-demand bots.

But we wanted to give SIGNA more than just the tools to fix their problems. At Frink, we help all users get up and running with the technology both pre and post deployment. We tailored an education package for SIGNA that combined the nuts and bolts of Cisco Spark technology with a social strategy. The social component featured material written to match SIGNA’s culture, language, and their specific business challenges. Now, adoption was not only easier but relevant.

Today, SIGNA reports that employees are spending less time with their heads buried in their inboxes and more time doing productive, collaborative work. The bottom line – faster turnaround on projects, leading to a quicker return on investments, resulting in increased business growth. How is that for business opportunity?

The story doesn’t stop there…

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