In the last few years a new kind of athlete has emerged: the eSport player. These athletes need near-perfect muscle memory and reflexes to control their avatars, and they need to work as a team with other players, too. Hundreds of thousands of fans will tune in and watch the competitions live – with running commentary from ‘shoutcasters’.

SwiftStack says…

In the real world, you record the action that’s happening on the field. But in the virtual world, you need to do so much more. You need to run, record, and host the game on servers and simultaneously stream the action to every person watching. Just one game can have nearly a million live viewers – and the pool of people who play the game themselves can reach 30 million.

And that’s just for one game. When you’re running a tournament, you need near-perfect systems to make every moment run smoothly.

A gaming company came to us with this challenge. How could they host, record and stream to potentially 30 million gamers across the world? Their storage just couldn’t scale. Luckily we had the solution in our playbook.

We gave them 3.5 petabytes of SwiftStack cloud storage that is designed to their unique specifications. Then we helped them update their network with Cisco Nexus 9000 switches and Cisco Unified Computing Systems as servers. With our help, and Cisco’s expertise, we completely transformed their storage architecture. So now they can do even more to improve their gamers’ experience through technology. And tournaments never need a timeout.

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