Customers all over the world are embracing the notion of becoming a digital business. From retail stores, to banks, and even bowling alleys. One particular bowling alley in Australia, AMF Bowling, wanted to transform and connect with customers on a new level, and our partner Local Measure was there to help.

Local Measure says…

Picture a customer walking into a bowling alley. She connects to the Wi-Fi, slips on her bowling shoes and heads to the bar. She grabs a mojito and starts her game. Half an hour later, she gets an email offering her a half-price cocktail. Happy customer.

Meanwhile, two lanes down, a regular customer tweets about a bad burger. ‘Worst. Burger. Ever.’ A waiter runs over and apologizes for the food, offering a free meal for next time. They also offer the customer their usual drink on the house now. Happy customer.

And lastly, a local YouTube star pops in through the front doors. When she turns up at the desk, the staff know she does bowling reviews and competitions. They know they need to bring their A-game. Happy customer.

Now, AMF can do all that – thanks to the Wi-Fi system we gave them. It automatically cross-references who’s logged in with what they’re saying online to figure out why they’re there, how often they come and even how they prefer paying. Which means every customer gets the red-carpet treatment.

To make it all work, Local Measure gave AMF a mix of Cisco Meraki for the Wi-Fi and Cisco Spark for their collaboration tools. They started by putting the system into three sites, but it was such a success AMF now has five live. And they’re planning to roll out to 30 across New Zealand and Australia next year. Happy business.

Local Measure’s solution is unique in that it bridges both Cisco Wi-Fi analytics with Cisco collaboration tools, giving a clear and immediate application to Wi-Fi analytics while making collaboration that much richer and more informed.

Customers are happier. Staff can work smarter. More staff can have access to the full range of technology. And AMF’s Trip Advisor ratings have soared. So we’re happy, too.

The story doesn’t stop there…

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Gioia Ferretti

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