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Companion Screens Transforming the TV Experience

By Jason Kohn, Contributing Columnist

Pop quiz: How many screens does it take to watch television programming? For a growing number of people, the answer is two — a TV, plus a media tablet or mobile smartphone. That may seem counterintuitive, but for many of us (present company included) a mobile “companion” device has become an essential part of the living room TV experience.

According to a Nielsen survey of 12,000 connected device owners, 70 percent of tablet owners and 68 percent of smartphone owners use their devices while watching TV. Tablet owners in particular seem unable to put down the iPad while flipping channels, with respondents saying that nearly a third of the time they spend using their device is in front of the TV.

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New Cisco Demonstration Center for Retail, Where Everyone has a Front Row Seat

I recently had a pleasure of working on the team to delivera Cisco technology showcase for retailers, with the requirements that it is accessible from multiple remote locations and allow large or small parties to have an immersive demonstration experience.

The result is the Retail BDOT (Business Demonstrations over TelePresence).  Leveraging Cisco TelePresence technology, we connect visitors to a day in life of a retailer made possible with Cisco technology.

Some of the questions the demonstrations are designed to address include:

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Retail customer experience lessons through windshield repair

This past week I had to take care of a broken windshield of my car, dealing with both the insurance company and the window repair shop over the weekend.  For most people the thought of dealing with insurance and auto repair is probably not a retail experience one looks forward to, but it worked out well for me, and got me to think what what made it a good experience, and it really comes down to a few key points during the shopping journey.

My entire customer journey started with a phone call to the insurance call center to file the claim, I was routed to the glass claim center, where they took my information and verfied my identity, then connected me with the glass company and set up the appointment for the replacment.  I went to the glass shop and had the glass replaced over the weekend, and was on my way.  So what made it a good experience?

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