Digital transformation

March 25, 2024


Simplify Manufacturing Operations with Cloud Platforms

3 min read

In the modern manufacturing landscape, operational simplicity is paramount. Cloud platforms streamline processes, reduce costs, and foster innovation, empowering companies to navigate complexity with agility and resilience.

February 6, 2024


How GLP-1 Drug Success Transforms Healthcare Revenue – Is your Organization Ready?

3 min read

Discover the transformative potential of GLP-1 drugs in healthcare revenue. With projections reaching $100 billion by 2030, the success of these pharmaceuticals not only benefits the industry giants but opens an unprecedented opportunity for healthcare providers.

December 13, 2023


Tonsley Innovation District Attracting Global Attention

2 min read

What is possible with digital innovation? Learn how Tonsley Innovation District has proven to be transformative and a powerful demonstration of economic renewal.

December 4, 2023


Accelerating Your Journey to the 128-bit Universe

3 min read

A lot has been happening this year, and with additional enablement from Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration Program, Cisco has been busy providing enhanced capabilities and services designed to assist Government customers to develop plans and policies and implement capabilities and architectures on their journey to the 128-bit universe. Learn how.

October 20, 2023


Unlocking Success in the Digital Landscape: Deloitte and Cisco

3 min read

For more than twenty years, Deloitte and Cisco have been dedicated to creating meaningful results for our mutual clients in the ever-evolving digital landscape. By combining Cisco's market presence with Deloitte's expertise, we deliver scalable, adaptable solutions tailored to support unique digital transformation objectives.

August 23, 2023


Synchronizing Technology and Organizational Culture for Optimal Outcomes

2 min read

Outpace the technological revolution with strategic adoption. Harness insights from Cisco to turn Martec's Law from a challenge into an opportunity and kickstart your digital transformation journey today.

June 13, 2023


Machines as “Thinking” Partners

2 min read

“The Machine is only a tool after all, which can help humanity progress faster by taking some of the burdens of calculations and interpretations off its back.” –Isaac Asimov

Cisco names “Global Advocate Awards 2023: Americas” winners

5 min read

The Cisco Global Advocate Awards are back for 2023! We recently named top customer winners in the Americas region for supporting Cisco through advocacy and innovation, in an exclusive awards ceremony at Cisco Live in Las Vegas.

Saudi Telecom Creates Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

4 min read

As the country’s largest information and communication technology company, Saudi Telecom Company has been helping the country prepare for Saudi Vision 2030 and a 5G world. Read their story here.