Service Provider

March 6, 2024


Elevate Your Career with the New Cisco Service Provider Cloud Networking Certification

2 min read

Cisco Service Provider Cloud Network Infrastructure Specialist Certification offers service provider networking professionals a new way to demonstrate their ability to navigate infrastructure connectivity in the cloud, integrating new layers and functions with traditional on-premises setups.

August 8, 2023


From Small Town to Big City: 6 Impactful Experiences During My 6-month Internship

3 min read

Technical Intern Tanishq M. went from a small-town student to a capable, confident team member. Here are the six ways he grew during his Cisco internship.

Saudi Telecom Creates Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

4 min read

As the country’s largest information and communication technology company, Saudi Telecom Company has been helping the country prepare for Saudi Vision 2030 and a 5G world. Read their story here.

Fascinating laser research projects you wish you thought of (Part 3 of 9): Cisco Optics Podcast Ep 37

2 min read

Join us for Episode 37 of the Cisco Optics Podcast, where we continue our conversation with Juliet Gopinath, Professor of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering and Physics at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Perspectives on the Future of Service Provider Networking: Distributed Data Centers and Edge Services

6 min read

The future SP network should include a highly distributed DC and interconnect architecture in order to deliver optimized network performance and, thereby, superior digital experiences for customers.

Partnering to Win Global SMBs with Managed Services for Webex

3 min read

We have a unique opportunity to enhance our market position and better meet your customer needs with Webex. Our Wholesale Route-to-Market (RTM) is designed to capture this opportunity, taking our winning partnership to a new level by leveraging your market power and our innovative Webex technology.

Perspectives on the Future of Service Provider Networking: The Role of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

4 min read

A high level exploration of the potential for machine learning and artificial intelligence systems to impact future service provider networking. The blog outlines a path to that future and recommends getting started by simplifying existing network infrastructures and moving toward a common end-to-end forwarding architecture.

Wholesale Carriers Benefit from the Cisco/Qwilt Solution

2 min read

The Cisco Qwilt open caching solution is a CDN use case that can be taken full advantage of by both Communication Service Providers as well as Wholesale Carriers.

May 10, 2022


Cisco is Enhancing Profitability and Protection for Partner-Led Managed Services

2 min read

We are making updates to the Provider role that will enhance your profitability, protect your managed services deals and simplify requirements. Let’s review what’s happening.