June 15, 2023


Paying it forward with sponsorship

5 min read

Humans are social creatures – no question about it. We usually need other people to feel happy, safe, and connected. However, on top of playing an important role satisfying our basic needs, relationships are also critical for our career growth. These relationships can take different forms – join me, as I explore some of them with Sayed Hashish, Katharina Vaeth, and Ralf Schmidt.

February 8, 2022


How I Became a Cisco Expat

4 min read

How did Madison E. go from our Raleigh, USA offices to London, United Kingdom? Read on to read her story and learn her tips!

November 3, 2021


Sponsorship is an Action Verb

5 min read

I’ve always thought I had a strong support network, until I saw what that looked like for others. I wondered how my peers were able to navigate these corporate streets, arriving on time and unscathed. They were climbing the proverbial ladder and progressing in ways I wasn’t; even the ones I outperformed - by far. I learned it was because they had active sponsorship.

The Power of Inclusive Innovation

5 min read

Now more than ever, we need Inclusive Innovation to help solve the most pressing problems we as a society face today. Learn how we are doing just that by role modeling, empowering, and enabling our teams.

August 3, 2020


Leaves on the Success Tree: Hard Work, Mentorship, and Sponsorship

4 min read

Melissa, a Cisco Customer Experience Exec, shares her journey to creating ASCEND to teach and empower young African American and Hispanic collegiate talent entering the corporate world.

June 29, 2020


When Preparation meets Advocacy + Sponsorship, Opportunity is Created 

3 min read

Amber, Supply Chain Project Manager, shares her story of how mentorship, sponsorship, and advocacy at Cisco helped her to grow her career and find a role where her strengths shined.

How Cisco Narrows the Pay Gap

4 min read

On equal pay day, Cisco reflects on our efforts to close the pay gap and build a diverse employee pipeline for leadership positions.

Coming Together as Women of Cisco

1 min read

I am excited to announce we are bringing together our Connected Women and Cisco Empowered Women's Network into a new powerful organization named Women of Cisco – a single, strong platform for women and their allies.

Sponsorship fuels a rich and diverse pipeline

2 min read

Cisco introduced The Multiplier Effect, which asks leaders to pledge to sponsor at least one extraordinary diverse person in their organization and challenge their peers to do the same.