Paulina Dobija

Communications Manager

Customer Experience (CX) EMEA

Paulina is a Communications Manager within the CX EMEA organization. Passionate about giving everyone a platform to talk about what matters to them, she leads the CX EMEA Unplugged podcast and the We Are the Experience blogs.


November 2, 2023


Don’t shy away from talking about mental health

4 min read

Between the World Mental Health Day and Movember, I had a chat with Mario Sebastian, VP at Cisco CX EMEA South. I really appreciated his authenticity sharing his journey.

June 27, 2023


Lead from the front. Building a successful – and happy team

3 min read

Leading a team is as challenging as it is rewarding. The best teams are not the ones that keep their noses to the grindstone, but the ones who master the perfect balance between work and deeper connection. It’s down to the leaders to ensure that is possible. I spoke to James Reid, VP, Cisco CX EMEA UKI, to find out how.

June 15, 2023


Paying it forward with sponsorship

5 min read

Humans are social creatures – no question about it. We usually need other people to feel happy, safe, and connected. However, on top of playing an important role satisfying our basic needs, relationships are also critical for our career growth. These relationships can take different forms – join me, as I explore some of them with Sayed Hashish, Katharina Vaeth, and Ralf Schmidt.

February 7, 2023


Gaining Skills For Life with the Cisco Apprenticeship

4 min read

6-12 February marks National Apprenticeship Week in the UK. To join the celebration, I sat down with Mayte Marquez Querol, Adele Every and James Reid to discuss how Cisco Apprenticeship empowers people with skills for life.

December 15, 2022


We Are the Experience: Innovation 101

4 min read

Innovation and sustainability have become the buzzwords of the corporate world, and while they both sound intimidating, they can be quite simple. The Cisco BeLux Innovation Challenge winners prove that to be true.