Cisco CSR Report

Environmental impact in Cisco’s supply chain

Making the world a better place with technology begins with how we make that technology. This commitment is core to our desire to power an Inclusive Future.

Cisco product lifecycle management

Central to the concept of a circular economy is maintaining assets at their highest and best use for as long as possible. As Cisco transforms to a software- and features-driven business, we must not lose sight of the importance of our hardware in enabling those solutions.

Initiatives to enable progress: Taking action during a global pandemic

Cisco employees continue to seek ways to make an impact, especially during the pandemic. As we move on to an inclusive recovery, we take a look back at our pandemic response in our 2020 CSR Impact Report.

Connecting in a time of crisis: Cisco’s response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has touched us all. And throughout this crisis, Cisco has responded as only we can—by enabling the world’s networks to handle the sudden work-from-home surge, as well as providing collaboration tools that have brought people together virtually during this time.

Business and Human Rights at Cisco

Cisco has long recognized that we havoe a responsibility to respect human rights. We are meeting this responsibility in a way that reflects the global nature of our business, the complexity of our supply chain and selling programs, and the rapid nature of innovation throughout our business units.

How Cisco addresses critical human needs and crisis response

As long as humanitarian crises disproportionately affect the most vulnerable members of society, there cannot be an Inclusive Future for all. Similarly, the promise of a digital economy—where connectivity unleashes new possibilities for creativity and innovation—cannot be realized until people’s basic needs for food, clean water, and adequate shelter are met.

EnergyOps: Reducing Cisco’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

Reducing our energy use and GHG emissions is an issue of high importance to our customers, employees, and company leadership, and is therefore one of our top material issues.

Social Justice and the hills we climb

Cisco Vice President, Chief Inclusion & Collaboration Officer, Shari Slate, shares how we commemorate Social Justice week and honor those across the globe who stand for it. Fight for it. Have lived – and died – for it.

Circular Economy: Product and packaging design

Circular design is fundamental to our ability to implement a circular economy, both now and into the future. Our circular design strategy spans five focus areas, which address our most material impacts.