Carlos Pignataro

Head of Technology and Data

Engineering Sustainability Office

Carlos Pignataro (He/Him) is the Head of Technology and Data for Cisco’s Engineering Sustainability Office. In his current role, he is charged with both embedding sustainability into the engineering roadmap, as well as leveraging the portfolio to drive sustainability outcomes for customer. He has previously held various technology and executive roles at Cisco as a Distinguished Engineer and CTO for CX and for the Services Global SP business.

Carlos has built a 20+ year career driven by a passion and curiosity for innovation, strategic thinking, and tech-for-good. He likes to think of innovation as a movement, and he cares deeply about making an impact for customers, employees, and the global community. He values working for a more diverse and inclusive workforce and is the Cisco RTP site executive sponsor for the Conexión LatinX community, and the Pride LGBTQ+ community.

An innovative network thought leader, Carlos contributes to the networking industry across many areas. This includes co-authoring or editing more than 50 Internet RFCs, four networking books, and co-inventing over 200 Issued US Patents.

Carlos is a 2021 HITEC 100 awardee, a Fellow at the National Academy of Inventors, Stevie's Tech Innovator of the Year and Information Technology Executive of the Year, Fast Company's 2021 Innovative Leader of the Year, co-founder of the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals, recipient of dozens of industry awards including the 2019 IEEE Communications Society Industrial Innovation Award, and he spreads the wealth, serving as an adjunct faculty at North Carolina State University.

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