Shalida Armstrong

Director, Strategy & Planning

ONEx | Workforce Experience | Employee & Community Engagement

Shalida Armstrong is the Strategy & Planning Director for the Employee & Community Engagement organization charged with delivering empathy-designed workforce experiences, where every human can be themselves, do fulfilling work, and have fun. Shalida is a servant leader with 20 years’ experience leading a variety of teams including Engineering Portfolio Management, Change Management, and Strategic Planning & Operations. Under Shalida’s leadership, her teams have designed robust analytics platforms, ruthlessly prioritized development portfolios, and established balanced operating rhythms. Shalida holds undergraduate degrees in Management Accounting and Management Information Systems and an MBA from East Carolina University (Aaaarrrrghhhh!). Originally from Philadelphia, she’s a diehard Eagles fan and a travel fanatic who now lives in Durham, North Carolina with her boyfriend Devin and aussiedoodle, Whisky.


November 3, 2021


Sponsorship is an Action Verb

5 min read

I’ve always thought I had a strong support network, until I saw what that looked like for others. I wondered how my peers were able to navigate these corporate streets, arriving on time and unscathed. They were climbing the proverbial ladder and progressing in ways I wasn’t; even the ones I outperformed - by far. I learned it was because they had active sponsorship.