Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowering and reskilling our workforce for an inclusive future

Cisco Networking Academy is the world’s largest and longest-running corporate social responsibility program, training 12.6 million people in digital skills over 23 years in 180 countries. During this past year, 2.3 million students participated in Cisco Networking Academy, which exceeded our company goal of 2 million, bringing our total since inception in 1997 to 12.6 million students.

Cisco Greenhouse: Fostering a Renewed Interest in the Environment

For employees who are interested in connecting with their peers on environmental sustainability, Cisco makes it easy to pick up new tips, hobbies, and skills through our internal employee engagement platform called Cisco GreenHouse.

A Purpose That Includes Everyone: A Conversation With Cisco’s SVP of Corporate Affairs Tae Yoo

Cisco's Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Tae Yoo, explains in our latest Impact Report how corporate social responsibility connects to our new purpose to power an Inclusive Future for all.

Cisco Tactical Operations: Meet Team Member Matt Altman

At times of crisis, the Cisco Tactical Operations (TacOps) team provides technology and expertise. Matt Altman is one of the TacOps team members on the ground. Here are three things you need to know about him.

From a Conscious Culture to an Inclusive Future: A message from EVP and Chief People Officer Francine Katsoudas

Cisco Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer Francine Katsoudas explains in our latest Impact Report how corporate social responsibility connects to Cisco’s commitment to a Conscious Culture.

Cisco Funds Innovative Research to Address Technology Challenges of the Pandemic

Wanting to step up to the challenge of pandemic preparedness, Cisco Research solicited research proposals that address both the science and technology aspects of problems around the detection, mitigation, and analysis of COVID-19.

2021 Cybersecurity Predictions: Why Cyber is a Future-Proof Career

In 2020, not only was there no shortage of damaging, heavily publicized security breaches, more people were forced to do more over the internet than ever before – expanding the attack surface. Cybercriminals tactics are always changing and growing in sophistication, promising the threat landscape in 2021 will bring all new challenges.

Powering An Inclusive Future: A Message from CEO Chuck Robbins

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins explains in our latest Impact Report how corporate social responsibility connects to Cisco’s overall business strategy of using technology for good to provide opportunity for all.

The Importance of Ethical AI in Creating a Sustainable, Equitable Future

Our fifth annual Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge includes a $50,000 USD Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) Prize this year. This prize will be awarded to a startup designing artificial intelligence (AI) in an inherently ethical manner, so that the solution addresses social, environmental, or technological challenges.

About Corporate Social Responsibility

We empower social change agents with technology and expertise. Our goal: Accelerate global problem solving to benefit people, society, and the planet.

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