December 12, 2016


Cisco Ultra Packet Core, the Transition Begins

So yesterday we had our first snowfall up here in New England, holidays are coming fast, and so are events like the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress. Well while it was snowing yesterday, I realized that I had not updated our industry veterans on our Packet Core Transition. So there has been a […]

December 5, 2016


Cisco Ultra Services Platform as a 5G core

Three Keys to Success Preparing Your Mobile Network for 5GDownload our new 5G ebook The concept of slicing is a fundamental component of the 5G architecture and it permits network customization that can reach a personal level. One could call this the personalization of the mobile internet. We can do this by taking the slicing […]

October 11, 2016


Services to Help You Fast Track the Mobile Enterprise

Apple and Cisco together enable optimized network connections for faster, more seamless mobile experiences. We help you transform business with mobility by helping you put your workers’ business phones in their pockets.

October 10, 2016


Discover the Cisco Ultra M Platform

Why is Mobile Virtualization So Hard? Mr. Operator, Your challenge today with your mobile network is that you have your current network running at peak capacity, your CxO’s orders you to move to virtualization within your current budget, and you don’t have the resources. The dynamic network demand requirements of trying to connect the billions […]

October 7, 2016


Top 5 Security Threats for Retailers in the Digital Age

As more information goes online, it is more vulnerable to certain types of threats. The challenge is to align networks, systems, and company cultures to support secure practices in this new arena.

September 26, 2016


Give Your Store a Makeover: Designing Your Property for Wireless

Today wireless is taking on a new role for retailers, hoteliers, and sports venues to engage with their customers. No longer just a tool for the supply chain, the intimacy...

September 20, 2016


Cisco and Apple Reset the Mobile Collaboration Experience

How do you improve on what’s already an incredible experience? Easy, unleash the innovation prowess of two great companies. Well, it may not have been easy, but that’s exactly what Cisco and Apple did last week with the introduction of iOS 10. This monumental upgrade ushered in a new era of mobile connectivity and collaboration by […]

September 1, 2016


Mobile Video in the Palm Of Your Hand

Off To Amsterdam and IBC with Infinite Video For Mobile Operators What’s Driving the Interest in Mobile Video? According to the 2016 Cisco Mobile Visual Networking Index, mobile is the #1 consumer device and Video is driving the next wave of Mobility. At IBC this year we will discuss our Infinite Video For Mobile Operators […]

Now IT service providers are data brokers

Times are changing in the telecommunications industry. More people, devices and things are connected than ever before. And because of that, there’s a highly lucrative data boom. Mobile network operators and other service providers have the opportunity to go beyond their traditional roles and make the most of this information. Now’s the time to start […]