Teresa Devine

Business Transformation Advisor

Retail & Hospitality

Teresa Devine is a business transformation advisor in retail for Cisco, helping large companies learn how to build their next-generation digital business. Her main focus is on large enterprises that are navigating the complexities of digital disruption to develop digital transformation security strategies.

Her background includes working as a vice president, CIO, and as acting CISO in Fortune 500 retailers and manufacturers. Teresa is especially interested in security and information security – a vital area for today’s stores. Her experience in digital and e-commerce has given her a wide experience of commerce across channels and how they intersect to maximize business growth and market share.

Teresa studied business at Indiana University and continues executive management training at both MIT and Carnegie Mellon. Teresa and her family live just north of Atlanta and enjoy boating, golfing, and traveling. She provides guidance as a leadership mentor, and, as a volunteer, she travels to developing nations to help advance education through technology. Teresa is a major advocate for Cisco’s corporate social responsibility programs.


October 7, 2016


Top 5 Security Threats for Retailers in the Digital Age

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As more information goes online, it is more vulnerable to certain types of threats. The challenge is to align networks, systems, and company cultures to support secure practices in this new arena.

How to Build a Retail Culture of Security

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Hello! My name is Teresa Devine, and I am a business transformation advisor here at Cisco. I help large enterprises in retail and hospitality define and execute digital transformation strategies. A key area of interest of mine is security: As a former Fortune 500 CIO and acting CISO, I understand the demands and complexities that […]