Lowell Johnson

Senior Director
Advanced Services for Collaboration

Lowell Johnson is the global leader for Collaboration in Cisco Advanced Services. Experience is at the center of the Cisco Collaboration strategy, and Johnson’s team works with our customers to help them imagine what is possible with our technology – and make it a reality. His Advanced Services team helps integrate technology into our customers’ network and change their business processes to achieve real results, like improving employee engagement, creating a more agile work environment, and responding faster to market changes.

In less than two years, Johnson has evolved the service portfolio to support the range of ways customers use our technology today – on premises, cloud, and hybrid – delivering double-digit growth in Advanced Services and high levels of customer satisfaction. Working closely with our largest customers to understand the most complex network integrations, Johnson has strengthened service delivery to help all customers, small and large, get the most out of their investment in collaboration technology.

Before joining Cisco in 2007, Johnson held Services leadership positions at Spanlink, a Cisco partner, ADC Telecommunications, and IBM.

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