NAB Show Day 3: Getting married, or getting a media ecosystem?

A quick recap of our third day at NAB and a reflection on how business partnerships are very much like a marriage.

NAB Show Day 2: I didn’t want to join the circus

Working in the media has always required a varied skill set and flexible approach. The rapidly changing environment requires new and innovative responses. But it's time to stop juggling.

February 27, 2018


What does 5G mean for Video?

With 80% of mobile traffic predicted to be video, when is the right time to build your service? And what do you need to do to create a successful service without impacting your operations and costs? Find out more in this blog.

September 27, 2017


Mobile Video at IBC – From the Why to the How, and to the Now

Conversations about mobile video are now moving from Why, to How, to Now. Find out how Cisco is helping Mobile Operators achieve the scale they need and prepare for video over 5G.

September 14, 2017


Blurring the lines – the three key areas for successful Mobile Video

For the Service Provider there is an opportunity to build market share and loyalty, with the potential to provide primary screen services as well. What is the critical path for the Service Provider looking to be the single vendor of mobile connection and content?

Supporting the broadcasting of the future

People are consuming more content online, on a growing number of different devices inside and outside the home. Telco’s and Media companies can use a cloud-based video infrastructure to support flexible and innovative ways of providing content.

The revenue opportunity of targeted advertising

Updating their video infrastructure makes it possible for telecoms companies to supply the flexible and personalised services that their customers increasingly expect. And the data from an integrated video platform has huge potential to make advertising more effective.