Why is Mobile Virtualization So Hard?

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Your challenge today with your mobile network is that you have your current network running at peak capacity, your CxO’s orders you to move to virtualization within your current budget, and you don’t have the resources.

The dynamic network demand requirements of trying to connect the billions of Smartphones and IOT devices onto your mobile network is like trying to connect all of the stars in the sky. Without the ability to hire and retain suitable talent to run the network is making it almost impossible…. Have I gotten that right?

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Global Mobile Data Traffic Drivers

According to the 2016 Cisco Mobile Visual Networking Index, mobile is the #1 consumer device and Video is driving the next wave of Mobility and you will need virtualization in your network to handle all of this. But because of stiff competition you have been mandated to work within your budget.dsafs

Fully virtualized solution available today

Cisco is pleased to announce the availability of Ultra M, a turnkey virtualization platform that will simplify the deployment of mobile core virtual network functions (VNFs).

The solution combines Cisco Ultra Gateway Applications with a Cisco validated OpenStack infrastructure that provides customers with the confidence to start rolling out services quickly. This virtualization solution can then be upgraded to the Ultra Services Platform, Cisco’s next generation for cloud mobile services.

Path to Virtualization

Ultra M is part of Cisco’s path to virtualization for the mobile services core.

Ultra M components include:

  • Cisco Ultra Gateway Platform (UGP) for VNF
  • Cisco Elastic Services Controller (ESC)
  • Virtual Network Functions Manager (VNFM)
  • Cisco Ultra Automation Services provides a simple turnkey installation and turn up
  • VNF Element Manager (EM) for a closer integration of the VNF and infrastructure
  • Web-based interface to simplify deployment of the VNF
  • Qualified on pre-packaged OpenStack Platform from Red Hat and Cisco UCS C-Series
  • Simple, integrated support structure

Ultra M is available now for customers to deploy a virtualized EPC function and will grow in capabilities as the Cisco Mobile Business Group team further enhances the solution.

Ultra M: Hassel-Free Full Stack Mobility Solution

For more information: info-ultram@cisco.com

Watch this space

So watch this space for new releases coming soon on our Ultra Packet Core Platform.

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Jim O'Leary

Sr. Manager Mobile Solutions Marketing