Who’s your audience – millennials or unicorns?

Of course, the answer is neither, because neither exist.

It’s pretty much impossible to define what a millennial is – try it, Google has plenty of results. It’s become a shorthand term for the stage in life somewhere between skateboards and mortgages, between saving up for your first smartphone to saving up for your kids College education. It’s such a broad term that it’s almost meaningless

So in a world of increasing fragmentation and improving analytics, we owe it to our audiences to know and understand them better.

It’s time to move away from broad strokes and instead, look at what actually happens to our audiences as they transition – sometimes quickly – from one life stage to another. And, in doing so, look at what we need to do to give them the content they want at each stage, how and when they want it.

Critically, we also need to learn how to grow with them and keep their loyalty.

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One of the key things about change is that it requires flexibility. Service Providers need to be flexible to make sure they remain relevant to the audiences that have grown up with their content.

They need to ensure that they can provide the right kind of service that keeps pace with their audience’s changes:

  • in location as they transition from their home, to shared living, to their own home;
  • in time, as they move from being children to being parents and
  • financially, as pocket money becomes salary

At Cisco we know change. We’ve been driving change for so long its part of our DNA.

Our Infinite Video Platform gives our customers the flexibility to offer all kinds of video services, from linear to VoD, from catch-up to time shift, and across all platforms – broadcast, IP, Cable and OTT. We make sure that as your audience changes, your service can be a constant. By staying relevant to your audience, you can keep your audience.

Don’t be left on the playroom floor.

To see more about this particular audience demographic check out this new infographic, or click to find out more about the Infinite Video Platform.



Adam Davies

Technical Leader, Engineering

Service Provider, Video Solutions