internet traffic

November 27, 2018


2018 Complete VNI Forecast Update – What’s Trending?

2 min read

This week, we released our annual Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Complete Forecast, which covers global, regional, and country-level projections and trends associated with fixed and mobile networks.

Network Security in the Age of Hyperconnectivity: Pervasive, Proactive, and Persistent Protection is Essential to Thwart …

3 min read

DDoS attacks can represent up to 18% of a country’s total Internet traffic, according to Cisco VNI, and they are occurring and increasing at roughly the same rate as internet traffic.

The Internet is Closer to Home Than You Think

3 min read

The Internet is global in spirit. But the traffic associated with it is increasingly local in nature, as we found in our recent VNI study.

February 7, 2017


Top 5 Surprises from the 2017 Mobile VNI Study

4 min read

What are the top 5 shocking findings from the 2017 Mobile Visual Neworking Index (VNI) Study? See what this may mean for the mobile network, 5G, IoT, and more.