edge analytics

June 11, 2018


Edge and fog computing: Cutting through the haze (Part 1)

3 min read

While the concepts of edge and fog have been around for a while, they are being re-imagined to reshape how government agencies are interacting with citizens and data.

August 16, 2016


Why the Fortune 500 is Fast Becoming the Digital 500 – Part 2

4 min read

Learn how edge analytics can help the Fortune 500 address the rapid pace of technological change and transform them into the Digital 500.

Edge Out the Competition

2 min read

Pinpoint the business value within the massive amounts of data with Cisco designed Edge Analytics Fabric (EAF).

July 12, 2016


Taking Analytics to the Edge: Beyond the Network for Intelligent IoT Edge + the Power of Cloud-based Analytics

2 min read

An holistic experience of the connected condition of things (machines, networks, apps, devices, people, etc.) is now available through the combined power of Cisco and IBM.

Abundance: A Different Way of Thinking about Technology

2 min read

There are two mindsets in business – one of scarcity and the other of abundance. A scarcity mindset believes much, if not everything, is limited. A business with a scarcity mindset holds everything close to the vest and is uncomfortable or unwilling to do business beyond its own walls. The thinking is if another company […]

Insight and Action from Data at the Edge

2 min read

Data Storytellers: Each month we’ll be highlighting experts and advocates to share their data stories, knowledge, and insights into the future of data and analytics. Subscribe to the RSS feed to get the latest updates. Data is created fast and in the farthermost places, whether it is from Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, appliances, transactions or mobile […]

Innovation at the Edge: Navigating Distributed Environments and Beyond

1 min read

I am pleased to share that Cisco’s Connected Streaming Analytics (CSA) is among the 15 leading vendors featured in Forrester’s recent survey on Big Data and Streaming Analytics. Forrester ranks Cisco as a strong performer in the market, noting Cisco as a solution with “sweet spots that differentiate the solution” from the rest of the […]

Connect Analytics to Data

2 min read

Finding and securing data is difficult in hyper-distributed data environments. How to draw insights and enable action based on the data is even more challenging. But data is not the problem – connected data is the problem.