Mala Anand

No Longer with Cisco

Mala Anand is senior vice president for the Cisco Software Platforms Group. Anand is committed to innovative software development and go-to-market strategy. Her responsibilities include Cisco software-enabled smart services, big data and analytics, application integration and automation enablement platforms. She has over 20 years of experience leading product development for enterprise-focused software companies. Her expertise includes technology innovation, go-to-market planning, product line development and cloud-based strategies.

In her previous role as vice president of the Cisco Services Product Group, Anand was responsible for the vision, strategy, and development of the Cisco smart services portfolio. Her innovative approach helped Cisco exceed one billion dollars in bookings and contributed to Cisco’s services market differentiation. Under her leadership, the Group launched over 15 market-leading software offerings.

Prior to Cisco, Anand held senior executive positions in product, services, and technology business units, and she holds multiple technology patents. She also served as COO and senior vice president for Informative, a private software company focusing on business analytics. In addition, she was also entrepreneur in residence (EIR) for the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. Prior to that she helped lead development for software products from Corosoft (BMC), Rapt (Microsoft) and Beyond, Inc. Anand has also led software teams at Oracle and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Anand holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from University of Massachusetts and a master’s degree in computer science from Brown University.


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