June 18, 2024


Deeper Service-centric Visibility Drives New Revenue and Simplifies Operations

3 min read

The addition of service-centric assurance brings a deeper, more precise, and real-time view of network and service performance for service providers and enterprises that run complex critical networks. AI-native predictive analytics lets you detect potential issues and act before your customers or users are impacted. Cisco Provider Connectivity Assurance brings these capabilities to multidomain, multilayer networks and helps you to deliver premium high-performance services against competitive SLAs, while moving you closer to zero-trouble networks.

April 22, 2024


Transforming Operations to Eliminate Technical Debt

5 min read

Discover the four steps to transforming your agency's technical debt to speed modernization and enhance mission innovation.

February 20, 2024


Cisco Meraki for Government Achieves FedRAMP® Agency Authority to Operate

1 min read

Cisco Meraki announces FedRAMP® agency Authority to Operate (ATO), reflecting our commitment to provide a secure and efficient networking transformation for your agency.

February 6, 2024


Staying Connected and Protected in a Highly Distributed World with Cisco Secure Networking

4 min read

This week at Cisco Live Amsterdam, Cisco is delivering several new ways to help organizations connect everyone and everything with zero-trust security, powered by the convergence of the world’s best networking, security, and assurance platforms to deliver continuous optimal performance.

October 5, 2023


End-to-End Visibility and Actionable Insights Underpin Great Connected Experiences

4 min read

Cloud is the new data center, internet is the new network, and home is the new office. As infrastructure and working environments change, so must visibility into hops across the digital supply chain to ensure secure and exceptional experiences for your users. End-to-end network assurance is the key.

November 18, 2022


Undersea Cables and Cyber Physical Risks.

3 min read

Consider how disruption to submarine cables might adversely affect the security requirements and availability of your network connections.

Perspectives on the Future of Service Provider Networking: Distributed Data Centers and Edge Services

6 min read

The future SP network should include a highly distributed DC and interconnect architecture in order to deliver optimized network performance and, thereby, superior digital experiences for customers.

June 10, 2022


What & Who You Know: How to get a job in cybersecurity with no experience

8 min read

Want a job in cybersecurity with no experience? Learn the top 10 tips from leaders at Cisco Secure and Duo Security on leveraging your skills and network.