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Data is created fast and in the farthermost places, whether it is from Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, appliances, transactions or mobile usage. Yet there is still a need to reach and gain insights from all this information. That means you have to do analytics in places you didn’t before and in a very distributed manner, but traditional analytics is done centralized and much, much later.

Why wait? No Time to Standby

Imagine the possibilities for companies if employees were to make profound decisions each day based on the right knowledge at the right time. Streaming analytics solutions are able to capture perishable insights on real-time data to bring immediate context to all IoT, mobile, web, and enterprise apps.

Forrester evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the top streaming analytics vendors in the recent report: The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Streaming Analytics. I am pleased to share that Cisco’s Connected Streaming Analytics (CSA) was selected in the 15 leading vendors featured in the survey. Forrester ranks CSA as a strong performer in the market with the remark that it has a “sweet spots that differentiates the solution” from the rest of the market.

The Sweet Spot? Accurate Insight on Data Just Created at the Edge

The Forrester report highlights that” Cisco Systems’ streaming solution starts at the edge of IoT” and this “gives it the power to collect data as close to the edge as possible.”

Cisco’s approach to streaming analytics starts at the edge of the network, right where the data that flows from IoT devices is being created. Edge analytics means that data is preprocessed or filtered closer to its source. The edge could be a manufacturing plant floor, a retail store or even a moving automobile. The data quickly aggregates where it is created, as opposed to being relayed to a central data center, congesting the network and adding IT costs.

Having the ability to quickly gain intelligence from smart devices in the field—at the edge of the network—can make big differences for a business, both operationally and financially.

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Our Connected Streaming Analytics solution, combined with our powerful ParStream software, helps companies successfully capture perishable insights and bring them in context to take action and get value on a moment’s notice. This has huge implications for industries that can use this information to predict operational issues and detecting anomalous activity.

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Kim Macpherson

Director of Engineering, Analytics

Data and Analytics Group