Artificial Intelligence (AI)

July 18, 2024


Introducing the Coalition for Secure AI (CoSAI)

2 min read

Announcing the launch of the Coalition for Secure AI (CoSAI) to help securely build, deploy, and operate AI systems to mitigate AI-specific security risks.

Breaking through barriers: Upwardly Global helps work-authorized immigrants secure meaningful U.S. employment

4 min read

Cisco NGO partner Upwardly Global elevates U.S. immigrants who are searching for quality employment that matches their professional skills and experience. Our latest grant supports AI development to help streamline and improve the job search process.

July 16, 2024


Celebrating Artificial Intelligence, Its History and Evolution

3 min read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appreciation Day, celebrated on July 16th every year, recognizes the positive contributions of AI technology to humanity and encourages discussions about its ethics. This event is an opportunity to celebrate AI's history and evolution, with Cisco playing a significant role.

July 9, 2024


The Critical Intersection of AI and Security: A Partnership Imperative

2 min read

AI without security poses significant risks, including data compromise and manipulation. Cisco encourages partners to prioritize security by design, transparency, and continuous monitoring to ensure AI's safe and effective integration into our lives.

July 8, 2024


Revolutionizing Surveillance: Cameras with AI-Powered Object Detection

2 min read

What if your cameras could not only record but also understand and interpret what they see? See how your Cisco Meraki MV cameras can be transformed into powerful, intelligent surveillance tools by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning,

June 27, 2024


An Artificially Intelligent Peer Reviewer Arrives

6 min read

How should network engineers be thinking about and using AI right now, and what to could they expect for the future? Here, we focus on one surprising use case that I found to be a bit exciting: Using AI to peer review your work. Buckle up, and let's check it out.

June 26, 2024


A Foundation for AI and ML: Cisco Intelligent Industrial IoT Network Drives Uptime, Yield, Security, and Revenue

1 min read

As AI took center stage at Cisco Live US, we looked at how intelligent Industrial IoT networks are enabling manufacturers to reduce downtime, increase production throughput and equipment effectiveness, while improving networking operations and reducing their total cost of ownership.

The AI Revolution and Critical Infrastructure

2 min read

AI is changing the way we engage data in industrial operations, and choosing the right model for your desired result is critically important.

Cisco NGO partner Simprints to advance ethical, inclusive AI for face recognition biometrics

4 min read

Cisco NGO Partner Simprints plans to expand their biometric technology by developing and open sourcing an ethical and inclusive AI Face ID model, helping millions without formal IDs access healthcare and humanitarian aid.