I am pleased to share that Cisco’s Connected Streaming Analytics (CSA) is among the 15 leading vendors featured in Forrester’s recent survey on Big Data and Streaming Analytics. Forrester ranks Cisco as a strong performer in the market, noting Cisco as a solution with “sweet spots that differentiate the solution” from the rest of the market.

So what exactly is our sweet spot in the streaming analytics space?

Cisco’s approach to streaming analytics starts at the edge of the network, right where data is being created. Our Connected Streaming Analytics software, combined with our powerful ParStream software, helps our customers successfully capture, store and analyze the data enabling them to make real-time decisions. This has huge implications for industries that can use this information to anticipate issues, such as an oil and gas company detecting a safety issue at a well site or a financial firm detecting fraudulent activity.

Cisco is synonymous with networking so you may be surprised to hear we are in the data and analytics space. However, it makes sense when you think about it. For decades we have built our business around networking and devices. Now, with such a wide installation base of networking customers, Cisco can capture, connect and add value to data flows in a way no one else can.




Kevin Ott

No Longer with Cisco