Kevin Ott

No Longer with Cisco

Kevin is the General Manager of Cisco’s Data Virtualization Business Unit.

Cisco’s Data Virtualization Business Unit provides software and services that enable organizations to efficiently access corporate data assets from a variety of enterprise data sources, big data sources, a multitude of cloud services, real-time streaming analytics applications, and the Internet of Things without the expense and complexity of creating multiple physical copies of the data. This agile approach to integrating data is quickly becoming part of the Enterprise Information Management architecture for leading companies, as they use their data assets more effectively to create competitive advantage.

A senior executive and technologist, Kevin has over twenty years of experience developing innovative, real-time business process and data integration products for Global 2000 enterprises

Kevin joined Cisco through the Composite Software acquisition in 2013. As SVP of Products, Kevin was responsible for all of Composite's R&D operations including product management, engineering, architecture, quality, support, and documentation. During his tenure, he advanced the product platform and restructured R&D operations for increased efficiency, reliability, and productivity, helping to achieve significant growth in license revenue.

Earlier in his career, Kevin developed enterprise software products for webMethods, Sun, Netscape and Hewlett-Packard.

Kevin holds a bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of California, San Diego.

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