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Is Artificial General Intelligence around the corner?

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a machine’s ability to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human being would do.

Accelerating ML/AI Deployments using MLOps

MLOps framework helps in accelerating ML/AI deployments conveniently at scale ensuring improved data security and enhanced model accuracy.

February 16, 2021


Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), when combined with human experiences, has resulted in quick wins for business operations across multiple industries. But the use of smart machines (AI-powered systems) raises numerous ethical concerns. To tackle ethical challenges, AI-powered systems need ethical values built into the model design itself, along with clearly defined success metrics.

January 13, 2021


Cisco’s Data Cloud Transformation: Moving from Hadoop On-Premises Architecture to Snowflake and GCP

The world is seeing an explosion of data growth. There are countless data-generating devices, digitized video and audio content, and embedded devices such as RFID tags and smart vehicles that have become our new global norm. Cisco is experiencing this dramatic shift as more data sources are being ingested into our enterprise platforms and business […]

August 25, 2020


Congratulations to the 2020 Data Science Award Winners!

Congratulations to Cisco’s second annual Data Science Award Winners and Finalists! We received over 100 inspiring submissions in 5 categories from teams representing 600+ Cisco employees. We looked at submissions across five categories: Product or Service Innovation, Benefitting Humanity, Customer Experience, Cost Reduction, and Revenue Increase. Narrowing the field down to the best-of-the-best data science […] is live!

On the surface, reporting, blogging, posting on social media or talking about death by suicide may not seem like a life-saving or life-endangering task. Yet HOW an individual’s death by suicide is reported and discussed can be  a contributing factor to whether the death will be followed by further tragedy and  suicide.

Data Science and Machine Learning: A New Paradigm of Intelligence

Back in the 1950s, when computers were quite the novelty, some researchers were optimistic they could turn their glorified calculator into an intelligent being. Since then, artificial intelligence (AI) has built a remarkably scattered track record: they can outperform doctors at diagnosing cancers, yet can barely talk to us about the weather. The lessons are clear: tasks easy for humans are not necessarily so for machines. Understanding how and why is much more complicated but […]

Time Series Analysis with ARIMA: Part 3

Part 3: Cisco Use Case and Designing Your Own Time Series Problem This is a continuation of the Time Series Analysis Posts. Here, I will detail a Cisco use case utilizing time series analysis and ARIMA from part 1 and part 2 of the blog series. If you have not read those yet, feel free […]