Marcus Moffett

Vice President of U.S. Public Sector Engineering

U.S. Public Sector

Marcus (Marc) Moffett is the Vice President of U.S. Public Sector Engineering. He and his team of Systems Engineering Leaders, Systems Engineers, and Architects are responsible for the discovery of business and mission requirements, and the design of a secure, intelligent platform to support the digital business journey of Cisco’s Public Sector customers—both directly and through partners. This business is worth more than $8B annually to Cisco. Prior to his current role, Marc was Senior Director of Engineering for Cisco’s U.S. Public Sector. Previously, he spent six years as a System Engineering Director for the Public Sector’s State, Local Government, and Education Sales Systems Engineering team. This team was responsible for nearly $2B in annual product and services business. As a 23+ year Cisco veteran, Marc has extensive experience in the Public Sector, Enterprise, and Commercial Territories, and select business sectors. He has held roles with increasing responsibility starting as a Systems Engineer and progressing to Systems Engineering Manager, Senior Systems Engineering Manager, and now Director. He also achieved his Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert Certification (CCIE #10079) in 2002. Marc has 35 years of systems engineering and management experience, serving our country in the US Air Force where he spent more than eight years as a Tech Controller at Clark Airbase in the Philippines, and Gunter AFB in Montgomery, Alabama. Marc is an Air Force Honor Graduate and was awarded the Clark Air Base Airman of the Year. In addition, he was awarded three commendation medals as one of the Clark Air Base Ash Warriors who volunteered to stay behind to sustain base communications and decommission Clark, after its destruction by the Mt. Pinatubo volcanic eruption. Marc is a featured speaker at Scoop News Group, GovExec, FedScoop, and GovTech on topics relative to technology in Government, including IT Modernization, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Leadership. Giving back is important to Marc, and some of the ways he does this is by serving as the Cisco Executive Sponsor for Cyberpatriot, whose mission is to prepare the next generation (middle school and high school students) in the art of cybersecurity. He also works with Habitat for Humanity, volunteers with Natchez Stewpot, which serves his hometown community 300 hot meals per day, and mentors transitioning veterans within the Cisco VETS-ERO program. Marc lives in Texas with his best half, Christelle Gigant, and their dog, Lola. When time permits, he spends time on the family farm, located in Mississippi, working on restoring a historic 1870s era home, as well as working on various conservation projects. He is a proud dad to his son Caleb, who attends St. Louis University Medical School, and grandfather to granddaughters, Mayce and Harley. Marc loves the outdoors where he spends time running, cycling, swimming, hiking, hunting, and fishing.


July 31, 2023


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January 24, 2022


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August 24, 2021


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January 27, 2021


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December 1, 2020


IT Modernization: The New imperative for Government

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