Marcus Moffett

Senior Engineering Leader & CTO Cisco US Public Sector

Public Sector State and Local Government/Education

Marcus leads System Engineering for US Public Sector. He and his team of 520 Systems Engineering Leaders, Systems Engineers and Architects are responsible for the discovery of business/mission requirements and the design of a secure, intelligent platform to support the digital business journey of our Public Sector customers, both directly and through partners. This business is worth $7B annually to Cisco. Before his current role, Marc spent six years as a System Engineering Director for the Public Sector State/Local Government and Education sales SE team who were responsible for over $1.8B in annual product and services business. As a 21 year Cisco veteran, Marc has extensive experience in the Public Sector, Enterprise, and Commercial Territory/Select business sectors and has held roles with increasing responsibility starting as a Systems Engineer, SE Manager, Senior SE Manager and now Director. He also achieved his Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert Certification (CCIE #10079) in 2002. Marc has 32 years of systems engineering and management experience, serving our country in the US Air Force where he spent more than eight years as a Tech Controller at Clark Airbase in the Philippines and Gunter AFB in Montgomery, AL. Marc lives in Spring, TX with his best half, Christelle Gigant and their dog Lola, and when time permits, he spends time on the family farm in Mississippi working on restoring a historic 1870s era home as well as working on various conservation projects. He is a proud dad to his son Caleb, who attends St. Louis University and grandfather to granddaughters, Mayce and Harley. Marc loves the outdoors where he spends time running, cycling, swimming, hiking, hunting, and fishing.


August 24, 2021


Future Cloud Strategies for Government Services

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January 27, 2021


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December 1, 2020


IT Modernization: The New imperative for Government

In 2020, the value of IT modernization for state and local government agencies became crystal clear. Those governments that had invested in more flexible networks and applications were able to rapidly and easily transition to hybrid work environments. As we move into the new year, the roadmap to IT modernization may take a new route.

October 23, 2020


How Cisco Empowers the Public Sector to Stay Secure at a Distance

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep workers out of the physical office, the need for secure remote work solutions is greater than ever.

June 27, 2018


Edge and fog computing: Key to safer streets? (Part 3)

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